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Due to the COVID-19 our Dashwood doors will be closed to the pubic till further notice. Communication can be done over the phone by calling us at 519.237.3211 or email us at info@ironbarn.ca. Stay Safe Everyone!

Custom Pieces

When customizing a piece we ask for a minimum of two weeks!


When customizing a piece we ask that you have a sketch, picture, or in writing what it is specifically that you are wanting. This will get your design time down because it takes the guess work out.

We also ask that you come to us with your budget in mind. This allows us to tell you if we can or can’t do it within the budget. that way there are no surprising bills in the end.

Once your budget and idea have been approved we ask for at least a quarter down deposit before moving onto the designing part.  If it were to go over the number agreed upon we notify you beforehand.

We charge a $55 an hour design fee.

Within this process we will make the first design based on what you had sent to us and send it to you once the deposit has been made, for your approval. You can change anything you don`t like on the piece or add another suggestion if you changed your mind. Once we have received your changes we change the design and send it back to you for approval. IF THAT SECOND DESIGN IS NOT APPROVED AND THERE ARE ADDITIONAL CHANGES – IT IS NORMALLY DONE AT EXTRA COST.


Taxes are not included in these prices.


The process is as followed;


1) You send us what it is you would like to info@ironbarn.ca.


2) Once we confirm we can do it and you confirm your sizing, budget, and date you need it by, we ask for a quarter down deposit.


3) Once the deposit is received we create a design for you that we send to your email for your approval.


4) Once the design is approved we go to fabrication of the piece.


5) We call you when completed and you pay the remainder of the bill on pick up of the piece.


6) If you are needing it delivered there is an extra shipping cost and the bill is to be paid before shipment.


7) Once it is sent off we send you the tracking number so you can track the shipment.